Terms and Conditions

The License grant you, the purchaser, a non-exclusive worldwide license to make use of the generated image you have purchased.

You can do:

  • You are licensed to use the generated images to create any products for yourself or for clients.
  • You can use the generated images in personal and commercial work.
  • Generated images can be used in an item or website template sold through a marketplace or directly on a website without attribution required.
  • You can modify or manipulate the generated images and combine with other works and make a derivative work from it for personal and commercial use. The resulting works are subject to the terms of this license. You can do these things as long as the End Product you then create is one that’s permitted at “Things you can’t do”.

You can’t do:

  • You can’t re-distribute the item as stock, in a tool or template, or with source files, or lease, license, sub-license. You can’t do this with an mock-up either on its own or bundled with other items, and even if you modify the Item.
  • You can’t re-distribute or make available the Item as-is or with superficial modifications. These things are not allowed even if the re-distribution is for Free.